Time for Goodbye

There is immense joy in helping others, especially in times of need. There is satisfaction in learning to navigate complex family dynamics or convince someone of the benefits of an extra set of hands, in order to get a senior the care they need. There is triumph in the relief provided to a family in a physical or emotional crisis. It takes empathy, warmth, patience and the ability to strategically negotiate to achieve this; I have learned that it is always possible. The more challenging a situation is, the more gratifying when you find a solution. Building a bridge takes time and effort but in the end, it allows you to cross places you couldn’t travel otherwise. 

When a caregiver is faced with a difficult situation, immediate guidance is vital. When they grow too close to a client, teaching boundaries is key. When they need to express concerns or talk through their day, active listening can change everything. It is important for all employees to feel valued and appreciated, even more so when they are caring for others. They cannot give what they do not receive. Listening to them, asking questions about their lives, checking in, and saying thank you are all rewarding. People want to be heard and validated; they want to matter. It doesn't take much to be sure they know how much they mean and are appreciated.

What I have learned so far in the senior home care industry is that connection heals. It takes time, words, and action to build trust, and when the community is created much can be accomplished. The community at Seniors Helping Seniors has grown tremendously since my first day and we have served many families. I could never have imagined that day what the next four years would hold. Having no idea what to expect, I jumped in and it has been trial by fire since day one.

The volatility and rapid minute-by-minute changes have helped me to learn to let go of my desire for control and perfection. I learned to allow things to play out how they will yet plan for multiple scenarios, just in case. The constant crisis sharpened my quick thinking and problem-solving skills. The complexity of meeting everyone's needs and expectations with the delicate balance required taught me to bite my tongue because many times people just need to work things throughout loud. Scheduling helped improve my patience and ability to solve complicated, ever-shifting puzzles. With marketing, I stepped out of my comfort zone and met wonderful people that became partners and friends. I never expected to do anything along the lines of sales but with something I believed in, it never felt like sales. Every challenge has gifted me with a new or improved skill that I will continue to foster and grow. 

Hearing the stories and life lessons from seniors has always been important to me. Seniors are a vault of wisdom and experience if you take the time to listen and ask questions. It started when I was young, hearing stories from my grandad full of curiosity and wonder. I have been lucky to have been able to extend this through this work and its benefits will continue to shape my life for many years to come. 

While it is time to say goodbye to the team at Seniors Helping Seniors, I know that my desire to give to this community has only just begun. I appreciate each and every beautiful and challenging moment, I am grateful for how it has pushed me to grow beyond what I could have imagined.  Thank you to each person that has been a part of my story so far, I will bring you with me wherever I go.

With love,