Meet the Staff: Part Two

My name is Ann Rodermund and I am a senior caregiver and office administrator at Seniors Helping Seniors. I don't like to write but  my daughter, Lauren asked me to tell you about myself. (I am hopeful that she will re-write most of this.)  If you don't already know, I am proud to say Lauren (Director of Operations for Seniors Helping Seniors) is my daughter. I met my wonderful husband, John on a blind date almost 40 years ago. I have 4 (Lauren, John, Danielle and Caitlin) children and 3 grandchildren (Hailey, Jacob and Emma). They are my greatest accomplishment. Being married for 38 years is my second biggest accomplishment.

I grew up in Ireland and have a lot of relatives still there. Being raised in both Ireland and the United States was a unique experience. I finally came (on a boat) to the States to stay when I was 21. After living here for several decades, I finally got my American Citizenship last year! Spending time with family and friends is what I enjoy the most. My mother was one of 18, so I have a big family. I also really like to travel, I try to plan at least one trip a month. I have been up and down the East Coast and all around Europe. My favorite place to visit is Ireland, but only if I get to go with my sisters and we visit my brother and dad while we are there.

I have worked with Seniors Helping Seniors for just over a year but feel I am where I am supposed to be. The mission and philosophy of Seniors Helping Seniors is the one of a kind. As seniors, we have life experience and can relate to other seniors in a way that is unique. We can not only be their caregiver, we get to be their friend. I love everything about my job. My journey to Seniors Helping Seniors was definitely navigated by my Mother. She passed away just before I took my position but I know that she is with me as I help others.