Importance of Physical Activity

Physical activity is  important, especially for seniors. With your physician's approval, you or your senior loved one could consider activities such as stretching, chair exercises, or walking. There are quite a few simple ways to get some exercise into the daily routine, even a walk around the house can be significant for their health. If you and your loved one are able to get outside, enjoy a short walk. It helps to set a small goal that they can achieve such as making it to the mailbox or a certain landmark. Often for seniors, the idea of exercise frightens them so using the phrase staying active can help decrease this anxiety. Try to make it fun, it may take a few attempts at different things to find what works best to engage them. Work it into the schedule and make sure that it happens on a daily basis, schedule a time to help remember such as after breakfast. Activity and movement help with are  believed to improve cognition, balance and mood. Simple is just as effective as complicated exercise routines. As long as safety is considered, everything counts when it comes to movement. Keeping active can also help with balance, strength, coordination and stability, in addition to the ability to react quickly. Improved balance and reaction time can help to prevent a fall. There are many benefits to physical activity, find ways to make it happen.


Silver Sneakers has some great resources and ideas for activities. This link has a handful of exercises that you can start with:


No activity is too small when it comes to maintaining health. Keep moving to keep improving!