Caregiving Tightrope


Caregiving for a loved one is fulfilling, it's beautiful to help another human, especially a vulnerable senior. Caregiving is also hard work. We often underestimate the toll it takes on our physical, emotional and mental health. Sometimes being the caregiver to someone that once cared for you can change the relationship. This can add a level of stress that prevents you from being able to enjoy the time you spend with that loved one. The stress is hardest on the caregiver and that’s where we come in. When emotions reach disruptive levels, they can be managed by seeking help to manage all of the daily responsibilities of caring for a loved one. This can often free up time for you, as the family caregiver, to relax and enjoy time together. If our caregivers can offer assistance with activities such as cooking, housekeeping, shopping, transportation to doctor appointments and more, imagine how much time you would have to sit and have coffee with your loved one. Our caregivers provide this assistance with loving care and understanding. We know what it is like, we have been there. It is our joy to help you.

When you’re a caregiver, it’s important to take care of yourself.  When you need a break, we will come in and set up a plan to help keep life as balanced as possible for both you and your loved one.  

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