Time for Goodbye

There is immense joy in helping others, especially in times of need. There is satisfaction in learning to navigate complex family dynamics or convince someone of the benefits of an extra set of hands, in order to get a senior … Read More

Planning for the Pandemic

None of us want to think about the possibility of contracting COVID-19. Unfortunately, the reality is that we will be or know someone that tests positive before the end of the year. Do you have a plan for if COVID-19 … Read More

Intersection of Dementia and COVID-19

  Caregiving for a loved one with dementia presents its own unique challenges. COVID-19 is proving to be another complication in this situation, it has exposed additional needs in dementia care. We at Seniors Helping Seniors Charlotte have dementia experienced … Read More

Senior Scams

The ability to have immediate access to friends and family is vital to a senior that wants to remain independently at home. Many seniors are able to utilize advanced technology to keep in touch with loved ones. The downside to … Read More

Caregiving Tightrope

  Caregiving for a loved one is fulfilling, it's beautiful to help another human, especially a vulnerable senior. Caregiving is also hard work. We often underestimate the toll it takes on our physical, emotional and mental health. Sometimes being the … Read More

Can we help?

  We realize that COVID-19 puts increased pressure on families to find ways to help in their homes due to them being unsafe to be alone without supportive care. We can provide immediate support, when needed. Seniors Helping Seniors Charlotte … Read More

The Art of Listening

In the frantic pace of modern life, we have lost the art of listening. We hear to get things done and check off our ever growing to do list, but we often don’t slow down to truly listen. The saddest … Read More

Protection Protocols

Seniors Helping Seniors is actively monitoring the progression of the coronavirus to ensure that we have the latest and most accurate information on the threat of the virus. As you know, this situation continues to develop rapidly as new cases are identified … Read More